Hoop Netting http://hoopnetting.com Ultimate Resource for Hoopnetting Information Wed, 22 Jul 2009 23:08:52 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en How To Measure Lobster When using hoop nets for lobsters, when you pull up a lobster you are required to immediately measure it to make sure it meets or exceeds the minimum requirement of Three and one-fourth inches measured in a straight line on the mid-line of the back from the rear edge of ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=88 Hoopnetting Equipment We'll cover the standard hoop netting or hoop equipment in this section. There are some modifications to the hoop nets listed in our "Tips & Tricks" section also. HOOP NETS: These are the most important piece of hooping gear we can have. They came in various sizes, but the brand I ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=85 Hoopnetting Tips & Tricks 2 4. Consider taking some extra stuff with you hooping, either in the boat or kayak. Take an extra flashlight, or at least some extra batteries. I also take a few cyalume sticks with me. I'll activate then when I get ready to drop the nets, and if one doesn't activate, ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=79 Hoopnetting Tips & Tricks 1. I change out all the small floats found on most hoop nets. I use the larger professional "Bullet " type of foam floats. They are about 5 "x11 ", so they are significantly larger. Along with using the larger float, I further do two things to it to make ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=76 Lobster Information The California spiny lobster ranges from Monterey Bay, California to Manzanillo, Mexico. There is also a small, isolated population of this species at the northwestern end of the Gulf of California. The majority of the population is found between Point Conception, California and Magdalena Bay, Baja California. Adult lobsters usually ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=73 California Spiny Lobsters The largest portion of the commercial and sport harvest is always taken during the first month of the season, October, which also is the highest month of trapping effort. The effort and catch drop off sharply in January through the middle of March (the seasonā€˜s end). San Diego County, being ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=70 Hoopnetting Laws Since I reside in California here is the California Code for hoopnetting in California. Check your own state laws for additional information. Section 700(Title 14) License Provisions: Anyone 16 years and older must have a fishing license to take any kind of fish,mollusk,invertebrate,amphibian or crustacean in California, except for persons angling ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=66 Dealing With Sea Lions Sea Lions are seriously party poopers and can ruin a great night of hoop netting. Over a period of time it seems that Sea Lions have learned how to pull baits from the hoop nets no matter how well you secure them. It's almost a game with them, you can ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=62 How Long Should I Leave Down the Nets? Hoopnetting is great! Seriously who doesn't get a kick out of hoopnetting? Here is my strategy for a fantastic hoop netting trip. I typically set around 5 or so nets that cover a large area as it gets dark. Then I go back and pull the first one and then ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=59 Hoopnetting Safety Honestly hoopnetting is dangerous. There are many hazards that contribute to it that make it a dangerous environment. Operating a boat close to shore/or rocks at night is only the tip of the iceberg of problems. Now add several or even dozens of loats all with varying amounts of rope ... http://hoopnetting.com/?p=55