Best Locations to Hoopnet

Improving on the post a few weeks ago lets discuss the best locations to Hoopnet. Lobster’s live and hide in holes, crevices, and caves! Keep this in mind when you are out looking for places to set your nets.

During the dailight hours Lobsters will be hiding in these types of structures. Althought at night the Lobster may leave his structure and hunt for food in the mask of the night. A nice spot for a Lobster will be in 15-80 feet of water depth where a known structure is near by. This includes things like Public piers, natural kelp reefs, jetties, eel grass beds, break walls, artificial reefs, harbors, and sunken wrecks are the best locations for Lobster habitat.

After locating such hiding places look for the sand and mud flats immediately surrounding the structures. Remember that you don’t want to drop your nets on top of a wreck or rock pile. Lobsters tend to eat from the bottom of the net and if it lands on an uneven bottom you don’t want that. My personal advice is to use sonar when possible so that you know exactly where your putting your net.

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