How Long Should I Leave Down the Nets?

Hoopnetting is great! Seriously who doesn’t get a kick out of hoopnetting? Here is my strategy for a fantastic hoop netting trip. I typically set around 5 or so nets that cover a large area as it gets dark. Then I go back and pull the first one and then on to nets 2 3 4 and 5. I have pulled nets ebfore that was half eaten in the short time between pulls. Pretty amazing actually. Just means the critters nabbed some and left before the pull. Once I start finding an area that has good catches I concentrate more on those areas and put more nets out. If catching is really slow, I sometimes even try re-baiting with some unsoaked bait and move the nets around again a little bit. I don’t sit and wait for the critters to find my nets. I move them around alot and hope to find the concentration of them all.

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