Advanced Hoopnetting Techniques

A friend of mine introduced me to underwater infra-red video cameras earlier this season. We have been attaching these surveillance cameras to baited hoop nets and dropping them down at the lobster grounds. The camera can see in total darkness due to the infra-red lighting. The camera is aimed at the baited area of the hoop net. The video signal travels through a special cable and the image is displayed on a small monitor on the boat. You can watch everything that is going on in the net. We are learning alot from just watching. I am amazed at how quickly the Lobster will crawl into the net after it has been lowered from the boat, sometimes within a minute. It’s kinda like reading web hosting user reviews sometimes, you never really know what you will end up getting. At times, those bugs must be littered all over the ocean floor. We have been video taping alot of this. Those interested will get a chance to see some of this exciting footage at the Fred Hall Show this March at the AMI booth.