Choosing Your Hoop Netting Bait

I have tried alot of different items for hoop net bait. I presume Lobster and Crab would eat almost anything when really hungry. My number one choice is Mackerel for several reasons. Mackerel is usually easy to catch or cheap to buy, smelly, oily and usually plentiful. If you let the bait sit in a sealed container for a day or two, it seems to work even better than when fresh. The commercial guys swear by it. Don’t over do it. More rotten is not better in my experience. Bait can be attached to the center steel hoop or directly to the center of the netting material itself. I use zip ties. Go though one eye socket and out the other and then secure it to the net. Take another zip tie and go around the base of the tail and the net. Pull it as tight as possible. If you cut slits into the fish or fillet the skin off, the bait will attract better but will not last as long. Try to make sure you always have enough bait before you start hooping. If you do a poor job securing the bait to the net, your catch may tear the bait off the net and go eat it somewhere else. Try other baits too. Others have had good results using Tuna, Salmon heads, etc.