Dealing With Sea Lions

Sea Lions are seriously party poopers and can ruin a great night of hoop netting. Over a period of time it seems that Sea Lions have learned how to pull baits from the hoop nets no matter how well you secure them. It’s almost a game with them, you can literally keep baiting your nets and watch them continue to dive down and eat the bait and tear up your nets. Don’t even waste your time if you see a Sea Lion going after your nets, you will literally exhaust your bait supply and walk home empty handed with torn up nets. I have heard one method where you tie the bait to the bottom side ofthe hoop net although they still can cause trouble to the net if you do this. I have heard that Promar manufactures a newly designed hoop net that incorporates an additional piece of netting material on the center ring forming a puch to hold the bait between the two layers. These are absolutely essential to any area that Sea Lions dwell. The design is so good that the company has even patented the idea. If Sea Lions are around and you are using the single bottom nets, you are wasting your time and better off in a new area altogether.

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