Hoopnetting Tips & Tricks 2

4. Consider taking some extra stuff with you hooping, either in the boat or kayak. Take an extra flashlight, or at least some extra batteries. I also take a few cyalume sticks with me. I’ll activate then when I get ready to drop the nets, and if one doesn’t activate, I still want to have a backup to put on the float.

5. Carry an extra measuring gauge when hoop netting. I not only carry a backup gauge, but I put a small float on the gauge in case I drop it over the side. If I’m hooping and the crawl is on, the last thing I want to have to do is come in because I dropped my gauge over the side. Point is you want to have the most time on the water as possible, so plan ahead a bit if something goes over the side or batteries quit.

6. Handle lobsters as gently as possible. The tails have sharp edges on them, and can cut you. If you handle them by their antennas and/or legs, you can pull them off. If you handle them by their backs, or carapace they won’t be able to flip their tail and possibly cut you, and you won’t risk pulling of an antenna or leg.

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